"I advocate the Lunette with full passion and heart. It is sustainable; no longer do I need pads or tampons and the menstrual blood can feed the earth - plants and vege patch! I become more intimate with my menstrual cycle as I can see the quality of my blood. It is easy to clean and comfortable to wear."

- Belle


"Just wanted to let you know how much I love my Lunette. I am 35 years old, live in Australia and have only just heard of menstrual cups, on that same day got online and bought my Lunette. Why wasn't I told about it 20 years ago, I feel cheated!! I have told every female I know about it - the advantages are amazing. I got my period the day it arrived and couldn't wait to test it out. It is so much cleaner, fresher and easier (and I'm helping mother nature) - win/win for all."

- Krissy


"I ordered The Keeper and I absolutely cannot believe how wonderful this product is. I only wish I had heard about it sooner. I have been and will continue to recommend it to all of my friends. When I first used it what amazed me most was there was no odor from the blood. I just couldn't believe it. The other outstanding part is that I can go to sleep at night and not worry about leaking - even during the heaviest part of my period. I will never use tampons again. I always worried about Toxic Shock Syndrome and had itching from tampons. I have two young daughters and believe me, they will know about The Keeper. Thank you for changing the way I feel about my body and my monthly cycle."

- D.W.


"Blown away! I got my Lunette 2 weeks before my period and was so excited to try it out! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I cant even tell I have my period! It's so comfortable and easy to use. I am already telling all my girlfriends about it! Thank you so much! By the way I'm a mum and 19 and feel very fortunate to have discovered Lunette so early in my life! No more messy grosspads and tampons for me :) I love the clean fresh feel all day."

- Kerry


"I have been using the Keeper for about six months now and I couldn't live without it! I commend you on... [selling] a product that is environmentally safe and convenient for women to use... I really think that people need to put their inhibitions away and try a new thing that is ten times more efficient and safer. Thanks for the Keeper."

- Maureen


"I must also tell you that the cup seems to have somehow taken away the majority of my cramps... it's a miracle! I've converted many onto the cup... I am living proof of the cup being one hell of an awesome invention!"

- Anne


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