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How will choosing a product from Moonstuff affect the environment?


By replacing your tampon/disposable pad consumption with any of the Moonstuff products, you will be reducing your personal impact on environmental pollution significantly. Did you know that an average Australian woman uses 15,000 tampons or pads in her lifetime, which translates to about 150kg of landfill? Annually a total of over 700 million tampons and 1 billion pads are used once, then disposed of into landfill sites.


How will choosing a product from Moonstuff affect my health?


Your sensitive skin will appreciate the change from cheap and irritating synthetic fibres to natural rubber (The Keeper) or medical-grade silicone (The Lunette). And you will not be in danger of Toxic Shock Syndrome, a dangerous illness caused by rare bacteria which occurs mostly in menstruating women who are using high absorbency tampons.


Is it more expensive to choose a product from Moonstuff?


Our eco-friendly and body-friendly products offer a significant saving for women's monthly budget too. Both The Keeper and The Lunette Menstrual Cups, as well as Moonstuff Pads have a life expectancy of 5-10 years, in which time an average Australian woman would have spent about $1000 on tampons or disposable pads.


Are Menstrual Cups messy or unhygienic?


No. Menstrual Cups do not leak if they are inserted and removed properly. Users must learn how to release the seal and pull out their Cup at the correct angle, which is easy. Always wash hands before and after handling the menstrual cup. Menstrual Cups are perfectly hygienic if cared for properly.


Will I be able to feel my Menstrual Cup when it is inserted?


No. If you can feel it, it has not been inserted in the correct position and is too close to the vaginal opening: simply reinsert your Menstrual Cup slightly higher.


How often should a Menstrual Cup be emptied?


Menstrual Cups should be emptied regularly, more often if a heavy menstrual flow is being experienced. They can be worn safely for up to 10 hours.


Can The Lunette / Keeper be worn overnight?


Yes. If you have a heavy flow, it is it recommended to wear a pad in addition to the cup the first night.


What if I need to empty my Menstrual Cup in a public toilet?


Not a problem ... First wash your hands, and take a wet paper towel into the cubicle with you. Remove, empty and wipe your Menstrual Cup before reinserting. Consider taking a small water bottle into the cubicles to rinse the Cup too.



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