Moonstuff menstrual cups, pads & oils

In this age of environmental responsibility, women are increasingly aware of their personal impact on Mother Nature. It's a woman's nature to love the earth, and the menstrual cycle is an essential aspect of nature, but most supermarkets sell only non-recyclable, non-bio-degrable tampons and disposable sanitary pads which end up as landfill.


There are also health and comfort problems associated with disposable tampons and pads, given that they are usually made from synthetic substances which may irritate sensitive skin. It turns out that our eco-friendly and body-friendly products offer a significant saving for women's monthly budget too.


Few women are aware that they have a choice other than disposing of their tampons and pads into landfill, even though the Menstrual Cup was first marketed in the 1930s, and cloth pads have been used, washed and reused by women throughout history.

Menstrual Cups

Re-usable Cloth Pads

Massage Oils

Eco and body-friendly silicone and natural rubber menstrual cups.

Comfy handmade 100% organic cotton pads for light, medium or heavy flow.

Essential oil blends in a base of avocado oil. A nurturing blend for every mood.

Innovative products for women. Eco-friendly & body-friendly

alternatives to tampons and disposable sanitary pads.

Moonstuff is dedicated to offering women practical and healthy choices for managing their own moon...

Many women report a preference for Menstrual Cups and Cloth Pads for more subtle reasons to do with their personal relationship with their Menstrual Cycle. Some women like honouring their own cycle in their own way, choosing how and when they give their blood back to Mother Earth. Some women prefer the feeling of silicone, rubber or flannellette on their skin - rather than synthetic fibres. Some women feel strongly about their spiritual connection between their cycle and the health of environment.

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Moonstuff menstrual cups, pads & oils
Moonstuff menstrual cups, pads & oils